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You would like to tell, what your current challenge, what you intend to do or how your ensemble does look like? Write directly or chat online with Ralph – Voicemail messages are particularly popular. You can write a message or just fill out the form. processes your data exclusively for the competent handling of offer, demand, order and delivery.
Stimulating impulses and insightful ideas on your part are always welcome. Together we develop further.

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With pleasure I accept your request about job arrangements or about the pieces of music catalog.
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I'm looking forward to hear which challenge you have chosen for your ensemble.

Thoughts, questions and answers

Think for yourself in advance how you could play your desired piece of music practically and theoretically. Helping keys: Do you need for example special fingerings or hand positions, valve settings or even slide positions? What is your self-assessment? Do you want to just play easy pieces of music or do you strive for more ambitious ones? Or maybe you just want to play complex pieces of music? Every level of playing has its preference and priorities.

Official performance notation codes: Maybe you need more detailed information as to how the required piece of music should be played, for example what kinds of beats, dynamics, accents, and generally how the piece of music should be interpreted? Orientations signs in the score: Special instructions are given as to how one should practice the piece of music step by step and are integrated in the sheet-music.

Ask yourself how you want to define the different scale keys and rhythm time signatures. Do you, for example prefer the bass clef instead of the treble clef ? In most of the newly published and edited sheet music, all these options are always included! Suggested hand positions are free of cost.

Maybe you need Drumline Charts for the players in the rhythm section of your band. In this case I would be pleased to present you with the newest and most innovative possibilities for every age group and level of difficulty, all well documented and easy to understand.

It goes without saying that you can profit from the »uniqueness« of the pieces of music you have chosen from. These have been edited and are „solely and exclusively“ for you and your needs. All other job arrangements – in and during the current season – will be billed with the „Open“ plans and only when the „SchmuDo“ piece of music score catalogue is released.

Please select and fill out the form completely to request or order.

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